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Mano Macchiato is a creation of the Dutch brothers Pim and Dirk Verest. The Verest brothers grew up between leather and art. They combined the two and nowadays they hand-finish leather through self-taught methods. Their technique requires surgical precision, incredible patience and immense attention to detail.

The amazing hand-finishing techniques Mano Macchiato is famous for are known in Italy as the techniques of the ‘Maestro Nella Spazzolatura’ which translates into ‘Master Finisher’. But Mano Macchiato goes beyond the conventional methods of coloring and turns hand finishing into a true art form by using controversial tools and techniques.

In addition to their unique art pieces, an extensive range of personal details is also possible. After a personal consultation every finish is made exactly to the clients’ wishes. Mano Macchiato has a workspace in Eindhoven (Valkenswaard), and in New York City where they can meet with you one-on-one, by appointment only.

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Mano Macchiato’s unconventional methods result in new insights for people within the leather industry and are of major significance to the arts.

Sergio Barangé Villavecchia, Tarrago Brands International, S.L.

Mano Shoes


The Verest family has been in the shoe business since 1855. Our great-grandfather was a bespoke shoemaker, and over 100 years later our dad opened his first shoe-store in Valkenswaard. It was in this store we fell in love with the leather canvas.

Mano Macchiato shoes are entirely hand-made in Italy and hand-finished by Mano. Every model has it’s unique style and unrivalled quality and comfort. We use the best unfinished calf leather available to ensure the highest quality shoes and finishes.

The Mano Classic Line comes in three streamlined designs that make them perfect for both dressy and casual occasions. The Blake Rapid construction provides cushion to your feet. For our Distinguished line we challenged our friends in Italy to create the best shoe their hands could ever make. Thanks to these brilliant workers intense dedication we can now offer you these master pieces. The Opanka & Blake construction give these beautiful shoes extreme durability without sacrificing comfort and flexibility.

Recent Work

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 I like what Mano Macchiato is doing to the fashion world the same thing that Apple did to the tech world.  

CW, Old Style Shoe Shine

Beyond Shoes


Shoes where our starting point, but Mano Macchiato quickly evolved to accessories, furniture & fashion. To bring you what you deserve we work with our own leather and the local craftsmen in New York City that create most amazing high quality accessories, furniture and fashion possible. In Eindhoven Mano Macchiato works with Castelijn & Beerens a.o., a well renowned Dutch family business with a rich history in leather making. Castelijn & Beerens has been designing and manufacturing exclusive leather accessories for over 65 years.

Since 2012 they offer hand made accessories under the name ‘Dutch Masterpieces’. A few of these pieces are especially manufactured in Holland for Mano Macchiato, to bring you unmatched hand finished leather accessories. We are proud to present you ‘Dutch Masterpieces by Mano Macchiato’. You can choose form the Castelijn & Beerens design or create a bespoke design and finish together with Mano Macchiato.

Wow! These look and feel amazing!

David Blaine

Jan Boelo Collaboration


Jan Boelo is a very successful Dutch designer who can count many celebrities to his fanbase. People like Caro Emerald, Within Temptation, Waylon, and Esquire’s best-dressed man of 2013 Sunnery James, amongst others. Jan Boelo’s style can best be described as rock chic. And he is known for the beautiful use of leather in its collections. Besides his pret-a-porter collaection he works side by side with his clients to create unique made-to-measure leather clothing.

With leather as common denominator there was in instant connection between Jan Boelo and Mano Macchiato. Jan Boelo by Mano Macchiato focuses on unique made-to-measure garments that are realized in collaboration with the customer and colored.

Mano Macchiato flew to Holland to present a “sneak peek” of their collaboration live at the Amsterdam Fashion week. You can find him at the Modefabriek in the Amsterdam RAI on Sunday July 13th and Monday July 14th.

You start to browse internet, with the conviction that nothing will surprise you…… then BANG! Mano Macchiato

Vittorio Negri

Mano Macchiato Magic

New York based magician David Blaine requested Mano Macchiato to create a pair of dress shoes and a pair of sneakers to wear at the wedding of friends. The sneakers as well as the dress shoes were hand-finished in ‘Blaine Black’. Amongst a few other custom details, a special touch the logo of David Blaine appears on the back of each shoe.

The Magician was so amazed by the work of Mano Macchiato that he invited us to work with him on his new tour. At the moment we are crafting multiple series of very special shoes that can be worn underwater.

When exclusive designer shoes do not meet Mano Macchiato offers a solution. 

Manner Magazine


Mano Macchiato works on appointment only. Get in touch with us.