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Leather Artists

I like what Mano Macchiato is doing to the fashion world, the same as Apple did to the tech-world.


Mano Macchiato is one of the World’s leading Leather Patina artisans. The amazing hand-finishing techniques Mano Macchiato is famous for are known in Italy as the techniques of the ‘Maestro Nella Spazzolatura’ which translates into ‘Master Finisher’. Mano Macchiato gives this amazing craft a Dutch twist that goes beyond the conventional methods, turning hand-finishing into a true art form.

Though Mano Macchiato is most famous for their shoes, the Verest brothers work on everything leather. Their portfolio contains accessories, furniture, car interiors, apparel, and more. After a personal consultation every every finish and patina as created exactly to your wishes. Mano Macchiato has a workspace in Eindhoven, and New York City, where they can meet with you by appointment only.

Meeting your every personal desire every step of the way, in respect to the style and class of Mano Macchiato. At Mano Macchiato Shoes we offer a selection of three signature shoe models, or you can choose to co-design a bespoke pair of Mano Macchiato Shoes. Mano’s signature will always be his amazing artwork. Don’t be afraid to give Mano Macchiato carte blanche after just some basic instructions, because we will amaze you!

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Shoes Since 1855

The Verest family has been in the shoe business since 1855. The Mano brother’s great-grandfather was a bespoke shoemaker, and over 100 years later their father opened his first shoe-store in Valkenswaard. It was here that they fell in love with the leather as their canvas. These days Mano Macchiato is not only one of the best patina artists in the world, but also the largest distributor of unfinished shoes in The Netherlands.

Mano Macchiato Hand Finished

Mano Bespoke Hand-Finish

The canvases we use for our bespoke hand-finishes and patina’s are shoes entirely hand-made, and personally hand-finished by Mano Macchiato himself. The shoes come in three streamlined designs that make them perfect for both dressy and casual occasions. The Blake Rapid construction provides a comfortable fit from the first time you try on your shoes.

Mano Macchiato Bespoke

Mano Bespoke Shoes

When you choose to get bespoke shoes, you are in complete control. The pattern-cutter can meet your every wish making the possibilities almost endless. Even special motifs or broguing can be applied as you wish. Every model has it’s unique style and unrivalled quality and comfort, and are made using the best leather available to ensure the highest quality shoes and finishes.

Shoe Patina Events

You can meet Mano Macchiato at various events in Europe and the United States. Come and see the beautiful patina art in real life, and have a chance to create your shoes together with Pim Verest at one of the events.

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Memorable Clients

These look and feel amazing!


Thanks to our line of work we ware blessed to meet a load of amazing people. Through these short project descriptions we want to share some of our most memorable encounters.

Mano Macchiato for David Blaine

David Blaine

New York based magician David Blaine commisioned Mano Macchiato to create a pair of dress shoes and a pair of sneakers that he could ware to the wedding for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The sneakers as well as the dress shoes were hand-finished in ‘Blaine Black’. Amongst a few other custom details David’s logo appears on the back of each shoe.

The Magician was so amazed by the work of Mano Macchiato that he invited us to work together with him on his new tour. Over the next few weeks we crafted multiple series of custom shoes that can be worn underwater. After seeing some of the shows features, we can honestly tell you that this is an unique experience.

Mano Macchiato for David Blaine

George Vellonakis

A pair of amazing loafers created together with a Man who brings joy to many people’s lives on a daily basis, including ours. As a lifelong New York City resident, George has lived in Greenwich Village since the late 1980’s. George designed over two dozen parks in prominent NYC locations including our favorite park, Washington Square Park.

As an architect George is very creative without sacrificing functionality. He was looking for a pair of shoes that where creative but wearable. As one of a few people George sat through the entire creation process of these amazing loafers. The end result is a pair of shoes that reflect the work he did for Washington Square Park.

Mano Macchiato for David Blaine

Lonneke Engel

Top Model Lonneke engel ended her career in 2013. Almost two years later Lonneke Engel was invite to do her first shoot for Grazia magazine. Lonneke wanted this shoot to be special, and commissioned the famous Dutch designer Jan Boelo and Mano Macchiato to create a leather dress for this special occasion. This amazing creation would be completely hand-finished.

We were present for the shoot in New York City. The team consisting out of Christian Högstedt, Erin Walsh, Dominique Samuel and DJ Quintero did an amazing job! In Grazia, Lonneke shares her story of recovering from her burnout and PTSD, as well as suffering from an autoimmune disease.

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