World’s leading patina artists.

Since 1855

The Mano brother’s great-grandfather and grandfather where both bespoke shoemakers. Over 100 years later their father opened his first shoe-store. It was here that Mano bothers started developing leather as an Art canvas. These day’s Mano Macchiato is one of the World’s leading Leather Patina artists. And under the Mano Group, the largest distributor of Made-to-Order shoes in Europe.

Most famous for their shoes, Mano Macchiato’s portfolio contains accessories, furniture, apparel, and more. The amazing hand-finishing techniques Mano Macchiato is famous for are known in Italy as the techniques of the ‘Maestro Nella Spazzolatura’ which translates into ‘Master Finisher’. Mano Macchiato gives this amazing craft a modern twist that goes beyond the conventional methods, turning hand-finishing into a true art form.

Mano Macchiato has a by appointment only workspace. Here they can meet your every personal desire every step of the way, all in respect to the style and class of Mano Macchiato. Don’t be afraid to give Mano Macchiato carte blanche after just some basic instructions, because they will amaze you!