Mano Macchiato’s unconventional methods result in new insights for people within the leather industry and are of major significance to the arts.


Where Leather meets Art

Mano Macchiato is a creation of the Dutch brothers Pim and Dirk Verest. The Verest brothers grew up between leather and art. They combined these two passions and these days  they are known for hand-finish leather through self-taught methods. Their technique requires surgical precision, incredible patience and immense attention to detail.

The amazing hand-finishing techniques Mano Macchiato is famous for are known in Italy as the techniques of the ‘Maestro Nella Spazzolatura’ which translates into ‘Master Finisher’. Mano Macchiato gives this amazing craft a Dutch twist that goes beyond the conventional methods of colouring, turning hand-finishing into a true art form.

Though they are most famous for their shoes, The Verest brothers work on everything leather. In addition to Mano Macchiato’s unique art pieces, an extensive range of personal details is also possible. After a personal consultation every finish is made exactly to your wishes. Mano Macchiato has a workspace in Eindhoven (Valkenswaard), and in New York City where they can meet with you one-on-one, by appointment only.

I like what Mano Macchiato is doing to the fashion world the same thing that Apple did to the tech world.


Shoes since 1855

The Verest family has been in the shoe business since 1855. The brother’s great-grandfather was a bespoke shoemaker, and over 100 years later their father opened his first shoe-store in Valkenswaard. It was in this store they fell in love with the leather as their canvas.

Mano Macchiato offers made-to-order and bespoke shoes only. All made-to-order models are entirely hand-made in Italy and personally hand-finished by Mano. They come in three streamlined designs that make them perfect for both dressy and casual occasions. The Blake Rapid construction provides a comfortable fit from the first time you try on your shoes.

When you choose to get bespoke shoes, you are completely in control. Mano Macchiato bespoke shoes are made by the finest craftsmen in New York city. Every model has it’s unique style and unrivalled quality and comfort, and are made using the best unfinished leather available to ensure the highest quality shoes and finishes. Pure craftsmanship, handmade and hand-finished.

When exclusive designer shoes do not meet your expectations anymore, Mano Macchiato offers a solution.